Saturday, February 02, 2008

Long Off-Season

Wow, what a long off-season, from the last game in 2007, that ended with an 8-1 defeat to the Florida Marlins that basically put the final nail in the coffin of the greatest collapse in regular season history. Unbelievable to be up nearly 7 games with only two weeks in the season, to then lose it all, with shoddy play and really, really bad games. To be in first place the majority of the season and to fall apart when all we needed to do was stay above water and cruise to the end, to lose that way was so heart wrenching.

How could a team come back from a season that ended that way. How can they bounce back from that, what is needed to get them thinking and believing that they are good enough to win it all. How do you get a bunch of young players, mixed with veterans to believe in themselves again. How to get the fans, to believe in their team again. That is the question that most if not all Mets fans were probably wondering during this long off-season.

Well first of all, you sit back and allow Omar Minaya to go to work. You pray alot, but you also watch this magician at work. You listen to what he says about what it will take to get us over the hump and you start believing in him first. You get all giddy listening to him talk, just like you did when he promised that he could land Pedro Martinez, that he could land Carlos Beltran, that he could put a team together that could compete for years to come. Then that he could get Delgado to agree to play with the team, to be apart of something special. That Billy Wagner, one of the dynamic closers of our time, would agree to join this new team, the New Mets. You start believing in a man first, then you realize that everything that he has said he would do comes true.

But 2007, ends with a horrific collapse, and you wonder could this be all for not, could all these pieces to a puzzle that leads to a championship, could all the pieces be there, or is there something missing. Something or someone that fits that piece so perfectly, to make this team more balanced then they have ever been.

It started with Pedro Martinez and it hasn't stopped, but you think that that would be enough, and you realize that it isn't. That Minaya has another trick up his sleeve. You realize that he can pull off another transaction that would once again change the face of this New Mets team. But how could that be, when you have brought in the likes of Martinez, Beltran, Wagner, Delgado, who else could you bring in that would actually change this team again.

Well think about this, what if you brought in a player that has been one of the most dominating pitchers in the American League for the past 5 years. That has put together winning seasons and has been at the top with the strikeout leaders. That by himself, has the ability to take a team and carry it to the promiseland. A coveted pitcher that can get a team to believing again that they can dominate a league, a season and put the collapse to the rear and look forward to a championship season.

Well, that may seem as a dream, to get this team back on track, but not when you have Minaya doing his magic, not when you have a leader that wants to do whatever he can to get this organization back on top.

Omar Minaya, the magician, the Savior, has done it again, he has waved his magic wand and brought to NY, Johan Santana. Something that most experts even Mets fans didn't think it would be possisble, but we all thought that way when he promised Martinez, when he promised Beltran, when he promised that he would change this organization and make them good again. He has brought back the fans, he has brought back the winning, he has even brought back the magic at Shea, and now Citi Field one year from its opening day, he has brought together an attitude that no matter what happens in the regular season, no matter what happens to try and break a team, he will be there to make sure that the fans, the players and even the city, still can believe.

This year will be great to follow and watch this team make history, but not like last season, it will be history that will carry this new team again, to the promiseland.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Year full of News

Wow, it has been almost 1 year since I last wrote in this Blog. Since that time, the Mets lost a Game 7 in 2006 and never made it to the World Series, I then moved to Florida, haven't kept up with the Blog and now I am sweating this week, since the Mets have made it too interesting in their quest for another Division title. With the Phillies right on their heels, they have played mediocre baseball and have looked like a team that is not worthy of making the playoffs. But after taking 3 out of 4 from the Marlins, they find themselves coming home with the Magic # 5 and a chance to clinch at home again.

The Mets organization revealed the patch that the Mets will wear next season which will be the last season that they play in Shea Stadium. Citi Bank park should be ready for Opening Day 2009. By that time we should be celebrating back to back World Championships, but we have to sweat out this week first.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where Were You When???

Where were you when the Mets Clinched the 2006 NL east Division. Well, I was at Shea Stadium yelling and screaming with all the rest of the 46,000 + fans. It was an awesome experience to be in the stadium when they finally did it. It was an awesome game, and as a long time Mets fan, waiting 18 years to do it, was a long time, but I wouldn't have wanted to miss it.

Next step the playoffs, and if we are destined to win it all, it will just be an icing on the cake.

"For us to win it, as we have, playing well since Opening Day, is very satisfying. And to be the team that ends a great dynasty is a thrill."
-- Omar Minaya

"Right now I feel like a proud papa. But the journey is far from complete. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for these guys. ... But that excitement is controlled because I know there's a long way to go."
-- Willie Randolph

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What A Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First we had a scare that Glavine would not pitch again due to blood clots in his pitching shoulder. Then not knowing if we would be able to land Shawn Green before the Sept 1st deadline and the rosters are frozen.

Well yesterday started off really well, Glavine was told that he would be able to pitch in 7-10 days, and would not need surgery. With the Mets down 7-1 and making a comeback, it was announced in the stadium that the Mets had landed Shawn Green for a minor league pitcher, then the Mets capped off the night with one of the greatest comebacks in team history and beat the Cardinals 8-7.

Carlos Delgado started the rally with two Hr's, one being a Grand Slam, and Carlos Beltran ended the night with a two run shot, in the bottom of the ninth.

New York Post

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Been Gone For a While............

I have been so swamped at home and at work, that I have neglected this site. But I am still following my Mets and I must say we are sitting pretty good right now. 13 games up on the Phillies and where are the Braves, oh Yes they are 16 games back. Right where they should be. My man Carlos Beltran is hitting near .300 with 35 Hr's and 101 RBI's. Not bad for a guy a year ago everyone thought was not worth the money.

Now we are in our stretch run and I think our Magic Number is 29, could be lower, but I am being fair. I will be back real soon to catch up on the Mets from this great summer. But I hope all you true Blue Mets fans are truly enjoying this season. Oh by the way, I hear that other team in NY, is trying to make some noise, I really can't hear them with all the noise going on at Shea.


Monday, July 03, 2006

4 Mets to Start in All Star Game

Paul LoDuca-C, David Wright-3B, Jose Reyes-SS and Carlos Beltran-CF will be starting for the NL All Stars in Pittsburgh this year. Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine, have also made the team as pitching reserves.

Season Stats as of 7/3/06:
Avg - Wright .324, Franco .299, Beltran .299, Reyes .291, LoDuca .288
AB - Reyes 350, Wright 312, Delgado 290, Beltran 263, Loduca 260
Runs - Reyes 70, Beltran 60, Wright 51
Hits - Reyes 102, Wright 101
2B - Wright 20, LoDuca 20, Beltran 19, Reyes 19
3B - Reyes 11
HR - Beltran 24, Delgado 22, Wright 19, Nady 11
RBI - Wright 66, Beltran 64, Delgado 55
TB - Wright 181, Beltran 168, Reyes 167, Delgado 154
BB - Beltran 47, Wright 36, Delgado 31, Reyes 30
SB - Reyes 34, Beltran 12, Wright 11

Friday, June 23, 2006

2006 All Star Leaders

The Mets have four players that are leading at their respective positions for the 2006 All Star game. Jose Reyes-SS(769,919) is less than 100,000 votes in front of David Eckstein (689,054) of St. Louis. David Wright-3B(1,018,804) is nearly 200,000 votes in front of Scott Rolen (819,390) of the St. Louis Cardinals. Paul Lo Duca -C(960,111) leads former Met Mike Piazza (680,773) of the San Diego Padres for the starting job behind the plate. In the outfield, the top vote-getter is Carlos Beltran -OF(1,129,865), followed by Alfonso Soriano (1,084,936) of the Washington Nationals and Jason Bay (1,069,986) of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Mets also have Carlos Delgado -1B in second place behind Albert Puljos. And at this time Albert Puljos is on the DL, if he is unable to play in the All Star game, then that would mean that Carlos Delgado would be the 5th Mets player to be in the starting lineup.